Experience fascination up close in 3D printing training

The fascination of additive manufacturing is also vividly conveyed in 2021 by the 3D printing training for companies here at TROVUS Tech in Roding (Upper Palatinate). Design and construction are still far too strongly tied to traditional manufacturing techniques. 3D printing seems too abstract or still too far away to be thought of as a matter of course. Yet 3D printing is a smart business. It can also be combined with machining to create hybrid parts that leverage the strengths of both: 3D printing offers maximum freedom, machining maximum accuracy – each process where it’s needed and at a lower cost.

In our 3D printing training – consisting of three seminar blocks – participants will learn all the basics of this technology and eventually watch the printer itself produce their part – 3D printing experienced. During the training, you will remain in our mentoring program to help solidify your 3D printing knowledge.


Three steps to becoming a 3D printing expert

In our three-stage workshop concept, participants gain a perfect insight into additive manufacturing. In the basic seminar, we convey the potentials in additive manufacturing across departments. The in-depth block is an advanced seminar with a focus on 3D print-compatible design and important tips for your components. Finally, in the third seminar block, we will expand your know-how on process-compliant production with the goal that you will hold your own component live in your hands at the end. In addition to these 2021 seminars, we want to ensure that implementation and the resulting added value for your company are guaranteed. That’s why we offer an accompanying mentoring program. In regular short online meetings, we discuss 1:1 the challenges of your everyday design work. In this way, we ensure the application and lasting profitable implementation of what you have learned.

The seminars in detail – Basic seminar

The first block of our total of three seminars is the cross-departmental basic seminar on the fundamentals of additive manufacturing and, in addition to design experts, also picks up other co-thinkers in the company who have not yet come into contact with 3D printing (CAD). In this way, we uncover new potential with you. How do you organize the management of this still relatively new technology in your own company?  In the basic seminar, you will receive answers to these and many other questions on the profitable assessment and cross-departmental implementation of the possibilities of additive manufacturing. We explain which different technologies are available, show the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of manufacturing and areas of application, and present possibilities for the interaction of traditional manufacturing technologies with 3D printing. We can supplement this know-how with your individual requirements in the seminar.

The second workshop revolves around the construction

In the second in-depth block “Design”, we focus on 3D-compliant design and provide important tips for your components. The aim of this advanced seminar is to provide know-how on design guidelines, manufacturability and cost estimates. Your experts will thus be equipped to solve future challenges cost-efficiently using traditional, additive or even hybrid designs.

We will discuss the following topics:

-Why production requirements, not manufacturing, drive design how design processes influence properties of plastic and metal products and can be used constructively.
-the resulting design guidelines.
-how design and production parameters can be used to improve component quality.
-how to obtain better product properties at low cost.

Process – the third workshop block with haptic conclusion

In the third seminar block, we expand your know-how from the product to process-compliant production with the goal that you ultimately hold your own component in your hands.

As a participant, you will go through the entire process to the finished product that you can bring to your colleagues.

We will discuss the following topics:

  • Analysis of the use case and sketch of the possibilities
  • What are the requirements of the component, e.g. with regard to forces, environmental influences, etc.?
  • Implementation of the simulation of the component
  • Design grinding to the finished construction of the component
  • from the finished construction to the start of the construction job
  • from the finished construction job start to the finished component

In short, we will work out each process step together live. What the printer spits out at the end is something you can take back to your company.

We guide you through all three workshops

The three seminars should be completed with a six to eight week offset and during this time we have regular short online meetings where we can discuss 1:1 the problems and challenges of your everyday design work. This monitoring program is designed to ensure the implementation (the CAD management) and resulting added values for your company.

Benefit from our wealth of experience

We at TROVUS Tech already have years of experience and offer customers everything from a single source, from the development of components to production optimization and manufacturing to finishing. This makes it possible to meet the cost pressure in prototyping and small series. We raise modules and systems to a new level through geometry freedom and lightweight construction, facilitate implementation and make new technology tangible.

Videos on our homepage and on YouTube

If you already want to have first contact with the technology of 3D printing, have a look at our homepage www.trovus.de. Here we explain the possibilities that additive manufacturing offers you.

On the video platform YouTube, we have also explained our seminars in short units. Immerse yourself in the world of 3D printers.

First contact with the new technology – our introduction to the three-stage workshop concept:

  1. introduction to 3d printing
  2. Advanced workshop process
  3. Construction example

Get to know our company in our image film:


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TROVUS Tech – specialists in CAD manufacturing

We at TROVUS Tech are experts in 3D design and printing. We cover the entire value chain from services such as analyses and seminars to development and simulation to manufacturing and finishing (such as machining, surface treatment, quality inspection) – all from a single source.

Our declared goal is to establish 3D printing in our home region in the heart of the Bavarian Forest and far beyond as a modern, forward-looking manufacturing method – and to do so with the highest quality standards. To achieve this, we go many ways, think around several corners and constantly expand our creative space. We are well trained in 3D printing. This is mainly due to the fact that we have a 360-degree customer focus. The requirements can be as complex as they are. We like to adapt to them and work closely with our customers. After all, we need to understand your components and each of your applications down to the last detail. This seems to go down well, as it means we can always put together the best package of cost (€ – € – €), benefit, quality and delivery time.

Save costs with even more creativity – 2021 will be your year for 3D printing!

Additive manufacturing offers you numerous advantages in the production of components that you cannot even dream of with machining (subtractive manufacturing), even in 2021. You are already saving costs by using less material, as well as through lightweight construction, which is valued in numerous industries such as automotive, aviation and medicine. In addition, the technology of 3D printing increases the creativity of your engineers and designers enormously: Completely new geometries become possible, where machining as a CAD technology, if not necessarily technically but in terms of its profitability, clearly reaches its limits – such as with filigree grid structures or complicated threads. Additive processes, on the other hand, are tailor-made for such challenging projects.

Additive CAD technology is the industry trend 2021

According to experts – and we’re not just talking about us here at TROVUS Tech – additive CAD, as implemented by 3D printers, is set for further outstanding development in 2021. The reason for this is that there are always new possibilities arising from this technology: be it through the use of up to twelve lasers working on a component in the printer or through creative ideas surrounding the components themselves. This technology is pushing itself due to its advantages (saving costs, reducing the amount of material, more freedom for design and construction), so much so that some futurologists are already predicting that 3D printing will soon take over industrial series production. Ideally, however, this technology also allows for prototyping and small series that would otherwise break the bank. But that doesn’t mean that everything should now be printed. Machining is still the dominant form of manufacturing, and in many areas it is also the tool of choice. But 3D printing can be a wonderful complement to machining, and it also enables components that machinists will have to surrender if they don’t take advantage of the possibilities that additive manufacturing will already offer in 2021.

We can do it all: additive, subtractive and hybrid

If required (mail to info@trovus.de), we offer solutions that are ideal for your needs, be it machining, 3D printing or a combined form of manufacturing. We get the best out of the CAD manufacturing spectrum for you and are happy to accompany you into the world of one of the most significant and forward-looking manufacturing technologies of 2021.

Are you interested in 3D printing? This is how we get in touch!

You can easily get in touch with us by sending an email to info@trovus.de (of course, we take all privacy policies very seriously). Send us a request for 2021 or make an appointment for our workshops, so that you too can get or stay in training.

TROVUS Tech: We don’t just build metal components, we build intelligent metal components with a focus on aluminum. We are looking forward to your inquiries and a good cooperation.

Finally a few words about data protection

Data protection is a high priority for us. You can be sure that we only process personal data if this is necessary for the provision of an offer or service or if you provide us with this data for these purposes.

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