Unimagined possibilities and cost savings in prototype 3D printing

Prototype 3D printing has been a huge relief for many companies with a high customer focus, as it has not only reduced the cost of prototyping and rapid prototyping, but is also able to respond flexibly to new design and weight requirements. The reason lies in the way the models are manufactured, for example, using SLS (selective laser sintering), SLM SLA (stereolithography) and FDM (fused deposition modeling) with materials such as plastic and metal.

Additive Manufacturing

Company Maschinenbau Böhmer GmbH – technology leader in various industries

At our customer, Maschinenbau Böhmer GmbH, in Steinebach in the Westerwald region of Germany, 3D printing has been playing an increasingly important role for several years. The company employs just under 100 people and is now a technology leader in various industries. Automation in die casting and automotive, balancing technology and contract manufacturing are their fields of activity. Turbocharger balancing machines from Maschinebau Böhmer are used worldwide for balancing passenger car or commercial vehicle turbochargers.

The use of 3D printed parts made it possible to realize ever shorter development times for product variants. This is how the contact with TROVUS Tech GmbH came about.

Balancing machines from Maschinenbau Böhmer very finely balance components such as turbochargers

Components such as turbocharger hull assemblies can be very finely balanced on the Maschinenbau Böhmer balancing stand. Even at speeds of 300,000 rpm, the balancing stand measures and corrects the unbalance of the turbocharger with high precision. As a result, the trunk assembly installed in the car operates long-lasting and acoustically inconspicuous.

Böhmer accompanies products from the development phase to the start of production

Thanks to its modular tooling configuration, our customer, Maschinenbau Böhmer GmbH, is able to accompany its customers’ products from the development phase through to series production. Replacement parts for machine and tool set are quickly available at any time. If a change to the Kuden component is required, Maschinebau Böhmer can thus react quickly and without complications.

A concrete example of components used that are produced using the 3D printing process are, for example, compressor housings for tool sets

Maschinenbau Böhmer’s turbocharger balancing machines are used by both car and commercial vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers. 3D printing opens up the possibility for Maschinenbau Böhmer to offer components with complex geometries, for example compressors. Due to their very complex internal contours, comparable to a snail shell, the original contours can be reproduced here and thus do not have to be produced using the costly, conventional milling process. For the production of prototypes, Maschinenbau Böhmer likes to use parts manufactured using the 3D printing process.

3D printing has played an increasingly important role at Böhmer for several years now

Today, Böhmer uses 3D printing with any material (e.g. plastic and metal). The employees use it for presentation purposes, test components, concept solutions, test setups and metal printing, and especially for components with complex geometry, because without 3D printing it would be expensive and exceedingly time-consuming to program the cutting machines and then mill them quite conservatively.

About Maschinenbau Böhmer GmbH

The company was founded in 1983 in Appigseifen in the Westerwald. A success story, as can be seen today. After moving to Steinebach, the company expanded in 1998 to two plants with a total production area of 5,800 m², which is currently being expanded even further.

Are you looking for a prototype printer for metal components for prototypes and small series? Welcome to TROVUS Tech!

We here at TROVUS Tech are 3D printing experts and your first stop for rapid prototyping in metal, aluminum and plastic. We are home to FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), SLS (Laser Sintering), SLM and SLA – let us know what models and materials you have in mind for your prototypes and small batches and get in touch with us at phone +4994619559020 or via email at info@trovus.de.

Complex geometry and surface requirements are our favorite food

We love the challenge. You can quickly see that in the blog section on our website. In our work, we come into contact with a wide variety of industries and that, among other things, is what gives us so much pleasure. Especially when it comes to complex requirements for the geometry and/or surface of a component, we 3D printers can help particularly effectively and flexibly. Our so-called additive manufacturing is also ideal for the rapid production of prototypes (rapid prototyping) from various materials. But what exactly is behind these types of manufacturing such as SLS, SLM, SLA or FDM, which have already been mentioned several times above? We would like to go into this in more detail below. Let us take you on a journey into the fascinating world of our 3D printers.

SLS or Selective Laser Sintering

SLS is the term used to describe selective laser sintering, a revolutionary and yet already proven method of manufacturing in rapid prototyping, because 3D printing is used here to create cost- and time-saving prototypes that live up to their name. We use it to create the previously impossible. Basically, SLS can best be compared to metal powder injection molding. Filaments are filled with powders (made of metal or plastic) and then first debinded and sintered.

SLA stands for stereolithography

SLA, so-called stereolithography, is also additive manufacturing using 3D printers, which is well suited for prototypes. Your prototype should have a very special shape, be lighter than the previous component, possibly have internal threads or grid structures and be able to keep up in terms of quality? All of this is possible.

Anything but confusing: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

In Fused Deposition Modeling, the 3D printing production process involves lasers coming into contact with powders of various materials (plastic, metal, aluminum) and “fusing” them layer by layer to form a figure. It is a so-called fused layer process. With this process it is even possible to combine different materials in one component. This process was developed by S. Scott Crump in the late 1980s. He then applied it commercially in the 1990s. Alternatively, this form of additive manufacturing is also called fused filament fabrication (FFF).

Would you like to get to know 3D printing better? Then get in touch with us!

Admittedly, in many cases 3D printing has not yet reached the minds of companies. Conventional machining has been too dominant and successful up to now. However, 3D printing is not in the least seen as a competitor to machining, but rather as a supplement or the next step towards even more and more creative possibilities, especially in prototyping and special designs. Even mixtures of milled and printed elements in one component are possible. We advise you with a 160 degree customer focus and always prefer machining over 3D printing for individual components of your project or prototype.

Think the impossible, dare to dream and come to us for realization

We are living in revolutionary times. This is not only evident in the rapid developments in digitalization, artificial intelligence and automation everywhere. It’s also evident in the new creative possibilities for manufacturing that are becoming more and more established. 3D printing is one of them. At TROVUS Tech, we are passionate about this topic because it not only helps to save costs and time, as in rapid prototyping, but also has an incredibly transformative effect on many manufacturing processes, from planning and design to the creation of completely new components.

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